Annabel Brown

Karine is a wonderful trainer and her method of training encompasses all learning styles. Being able to watch her videos over and over again is the perfect way to learn. Every time you watch one again you see another detail. Her explanations are extremely clear and no detail is left out, so you end up with a thorough understanding of what you are trying to achieve and how to achieve it. Enormous care and a lot of time has gone into producing this training programme. Over the years I have had lessons from various different instructors and have often ended up thinking “that was a waste of £45” or whatever it cost. Not because the teachers were bad teachers but because my learning style is such that I need to really understand what I am trying to do. Just telling me to do something doesn’t work. This for me is why Karine’s training is so good. She explains in depth what she is aiming to achieve and breaks the training down into simple steps. It works! I also deeply appreciate the way she is so respectful to the horses she is training. It is very clear that she likes them. She takes their different personalities into consideration and fine tunes her training accordingly to suit their learning styles. It is such a refreshing contrast to many people who want a horse to do what they want it to do and at a pace that they dictate. Karine’s methods allow the horse to develop as an individual and at its own pace. The Horsefulness training has given me “permission” to bring my young horse on at a pace which suits us both. Doing this training has changed the prospect of training my young horse from a burden to an utter joy. I can’t recommend it strongly enough.

Marian Wreford-Smith

I have done the groundwork as Karine brings with one very nervous horse and it has helped so much. The "here and now" technique also helped and now I am practicing the body scan. What’s great about your whole program is having no time limit. If something's not working then you can go back and repeat until you are ready again to move on. You don't feel you have to rush through to get it done in a certain time frame. Can't thank you enough for this amazing program, your quick response to any questions and dedication to sharing your work .Big thank you!